What exactly do you do at the Wood Gift Box?

We custom Manufacture and decorate Wood Presentation Boxes, on a production basis, for a variety of industries. We primarily work with wine and beverages, corporate gifting, promotional, foods, specialties and general packaging.

Does a product placed in a wooden box sell for a higher price?

Varnished, Stained Hinged Box

Varnished, Stained, Silkscreened

Definitely! Of course it varies greatly dependent upon the contents. In the case of a fruit farmer selling his cherries packaged in brown bags, he might receive $ 2.00 per pound, whereas when he placed the same amount of cherries in our wood box he could sell them for $6.00 per pound.

Whether it be cosmetics, books, foods and beverages, or other products you can cash in on the additional premium. If the presentation is nice the perceived value is way higher. Let us do this for your product! By the way, people keep their wood boxes for years after the product inside has been used up.

What types of wood do you use?

Custom Mini Cosmetic Product Slider

Cedar, Laser Engraved

The standard woods we use are high-quality softwoods such as pine and cedar. These species are locally grown and readily available. Pine has a light amber appearance, whereas cedar has warm earth tone shades. We typically use birch for our sliding lids. We also offer a variety of custom woods upon request.

For our rounded wood scrolls we use a birch veneer.

Do you provide a finish alternative?

Custom Hinged Presentation Box

Cedar, Stained

Yes, boxes are available in their natural state but we also have a choice of 13 different stains/oils or a clear coat. Check out our Product Gallery for examples.

What kinds of decorations can you put on the boxes?

Hinged Presentation Box with Velveteen Lining

Hinged Presentation Box with Velveteen Lining

We offer several standard add-ons:

  • laser engraving

  • branding

  • Screen printing

  • Cedar upgrade

In addition we offer the following custom services:

  • Black lining

  • Textured lining

  • Wood thickness

  • Specialty woods

Examples of our add-ons and optional services can be seen in our Product Gallery.

Can you make other kinds of wooden boxes?

Wine Bottle Stand

Custom Wine Bottle Stand

Yes, we have made boxes of all shapes and sizes. There is an additional cost for original box designs. Contact us for more information.